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what would you do to be Lady Sonias stocking sex slave?

Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Lady Sonia

please permit this letter of application. I am a single submissive male. I am educated, sociable, articulate and discreet. Ii am also in desperate need of a Mistress like you Lady Sonia to serve and worship. I have many fetish and Fem Dom interests but I must confess a huge fetish for feet (footwear and stockings).

It would be an honour to crawl beneath and prostrate myself at your feet as I bring my lips to your feet. From this position I would happily spend hours kissing and licking your feet (or footwear). Alternatively I could bathe and massage your feet before applying nail polish. Ii would also welcome to opportunity to kneel behind you and pay respectful homage to your arse. In fact I would like to French kiss it.

Please, please, please allow me the honour of this position as it is something I need to do. I am naturally submissive and it is in such humiliating acts that I can express my true devotion and awe of women. As an addendum I would also love the privilege of polishing and maintaining your footwear to the high standards your feet deserve.

I’m a genuine submissive who is eager to please. I have a fetish for feet and for worshipping women. I have always been looking for something different. I’m intrigued by power exchange and love aspects of play that reflect this. I’m generous and would hope my submission to you would be to your benefit.

I love the thought of being on my knees at the feet of a beautiful Mistress – looking up at you, hypnotised by your slow, seductive rotations of your foot. Leaving myself utterly open that you can tease and manipulate me into doing whatever you desire given the desire I have for the reward of worshipping you feet, kissing your legs and adoring your arse. I can imagine you making me beg and work for my reward – keeping me on the edge. Watch the full length Lady Sonia movie here



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