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Mistress Stella Van Gent I want to be your slave please

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Mistress Stella. I am a foot and ass slave, I love to be controlled and humiliated. Please Mistress, let me be your pathetic slut, you could use me to your amusement and advantage, you could laugh at me and humiliate me as you want.  I could clean your whole house naked, lick your toilet clean or clean and pamper your feet and ass as you deserve. I could be your dog on hands and knees and bark with hard cock while your are laughing at me.  I would love to smell your feet and shoes, suck your toes, lick your soles and put your whole feet in my mouth while I`m jerking off or you are slightly slapping my cock with your other feet.  I would also love to see you modelling your shoes for me and walking around or to smell your feet in sexy smelly stockings.  I would do my best to be allowed to lick and smell your feet and shoes and jerk myself off.  Any time you are bored or you need some fun, you could call me over and I could amuse you by humiliating myself in front of you.

I’m a genuine submissive who is eager to please. I have a fetish for feet and for worshipping women. I have always been looking for something different. I’m intrigued by power exchange and love aspects of play that reflect this. I’m generous and would hope my submission to you would be to your benefit.

I love the thought of being on my knees at the feet of Stella Van Gent, like this slave is. looking up at her, hypnotised by her slow, seductive rotations of her foot. Leaving myself utterly open that she can tease and manipulate me into doing whatever her desire. I have for the reward of worshipping her feet, kissing her legs and adoring her arse. I can imagine Stella making me beg and work for my reward – keeping me on the edge.


Slave in stockings punished by a mistress in stockings

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

Danni is the brand spanking new sub lady. I am coaching her to be the dungeon slave and also to service me plus all my gentleman friends. Nevertheless the education didn’t start well, because on the first day of her coaching, Danni ended up being delayed. Five minutes late to be accurate. Therefore , the very first lesson was to ensure this sub understood to never be delayed. The best way to show her seemed to be to give her bum a superb whipping. Therefore I had her stripped undressed aside from a pair of charcoal lingerie and bent over the horse. I subsequently utilize a variety of implements to whack the girl’s bum with.

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Mistress in stockings wants a new slave to worship her feet. I will apply

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

I have a weakness for shapely stockinged legs in high heels. Just the sound of stilettos clicking on a hard floor makes me go weak at the knees. There is nothing I enjoy more than showing my appreciation for such beauty by falling to the floor and tenderly pressing my lips to your feet. If you want someone to lavish your feet with devoted attention then I am indeed up to the task. I have spent many happy hours on my hands and knees tenderly adoring the feet and footwear of haughty ladies and they have always been impressed with my enthusiasm and stamina. I would be delighted to kiss every inch of your shoes, to lick the soles clean and suck deeply on the heel.

Once due reverence has been shown to your footwear I would be delighted to move on and worship your feet themselves. Whether clad in shimmery smooth nylon or naked you can be assured that my mouth will not rest until you are completely satisfied. My tongue will wrap itself around all of your toes and sweetly embrace each one. I will slowly lick around the insteps and your arches and kiss them lovingly whilst stroking your calves. You are of course more than welcome to rub your feet all over my face or prod me with the tips of your heels, and I would be delighted to crawl around on the floor after you like an obedient puppy being called to heel. You will find my lips will do anything in order to please the owner of red painted toes at the end of a curvaceous leg.

Once you have me wrapped around your little finger I will need no prompting to slowly run my tongue up the back of you legs until my face is buried between your buttocks and my lips are pressed tightly to your arse. Worshiping the feet of lady is always a delight for so it is only when I kissing her arse that I feel that I am truly paying homage to her. My desire to please means that I will endeavor to treat your arse with as much reverence as your feet. Watch the full length movie here

Pin Up Wow Candice strips off her black stockings to be left in nothing but pink frilly panties

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Heavenly Pin-Up WOW! Guest and very hot British babe, Candice has decided that a little light dusting is required, of course like all the girls on pin up wow she has to get dressed up for the occasion and even more fortunate for us, this pin up wow star neglects to switch off a deceptively powerful fan. So her skirt blows up which reveals her black stockings and pink frilly panties. If only all domestic chores turned out to be as sexy as this! No surprise though that this pin up wow shoot turns out that another very hot British babe loses her clothes and ends up in nothing but a pair of frilly pink panties. All the girls on pin up wow are hot. Pure and simple. The only have the hottest British babes on pin up wow. Pin-Up WOW! is all about these lovely Pin-Ups knowing and showing how sexy and naughty they really are. I just love cute British Pin-Up girls with their pretty smiles, sparkling eyes and gorgeous bodies and when they are dressed up in black stockings like these they are some of the hottest stocking fetish babes anywhere online.


British amateur MILF Sandy masturbates in the office

Friday, March 14th, 2014

This very sexy movie from British fetish loving milf Sandy caters for many tastes. Including pretty lingerie, sexy pink seemed stockings and toy play, as this slutty milf fucks her pussy with a pink dildo. This fetish loving British milf has a great personal site Just take a look at this slutty British amateur milf, Sandy’s site and you will fall in love with her right. Because Sandy is always dressed up. Bad weather doesn’t stop Sandy  from wearing her stockings, but depending on how cold it is and the rest of her outfit, she sometimes choose high denier opaques. This busty British secretary loves to flash at work. Watch her at her desk flashing up her skirt at her stockings and panties, before showing us what great tits she has got. Watch the full length movie here

Suburban Slut strips down to her black stockings, basque and heels to masturbate with her silk and lace petticoat

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Suburban sluts bring you over 200 of the hottest, horniest amateurs in the UK with new girls added daily. Watch all of these hot sluts strip & spread for you. Girls in sexy stockings, pantyhose, nylon and high heels, sexy retro & matching lingerie. Dressing up in secretaries, nurses, school, French maids and fem dom uniforms. If you like your porn to be real without any fake moans and groans, Suburban sluts promises to supply you with the cream of the crop when it comes to real amateur sluts. Suburban sluts have 100’s of full length videos to download from within their members area and add more every week. I never review sites, but I have to say Suburban Sluts is one of my very favorites. It has tons of photos and videos that i can never get enough of. Suburban Sluts has masturbation with fingers, sex toys, dildo’s and strap-on cocks. Female fetish fun with bondage, spanking, shoe, high heel and foot fetish, plus stacks of lesbian girl/girl sex. Watch the full length movie here


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